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Amanda & Stephan’s Main Street Station, RVA Engagement Session

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I have been waiting and waiting to share these images!  I LOVED spending the day with Amanda & Stephan for their engagement shoot at Main Street Station.  Their laughter is infectious, and I loved capturing all the little looks they share.  Seriously . . . wait until you see!   These two put so much […]


The Weekender

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I thought my allergy suffering was over, and I was wrong.  I stopped taking allergy meds for about three days because I thought I was SO cool and SO tough . . . and now I’m paying the price.  It turns out that keeping up with allergy medicine consistently makes a world of difference, so […]


Weekly Wedding Tips: Makeup Secrets

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I bet you thought you were going to read a blog about the types of makeup that will look good in photos.  I bet you thought I was going to list products that won’t make your forehead look shiny because the powder is reflective or tell you that I’ve found the MOST WATERPROOF MASCARA OF ALL TIME.  I bet you thought that’s what I was going to tell you because I wish someone would tell ME those things!  But here is the one big makeup tip I can tell you to ensure that your wedding day look is fuh-law-less.


The Weekender — Tuesday Edition!

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After all of yesterday’s excitement about having Lindsay & Robby’s engagement session featured on Dogwood Brides, I forgot to post the weekend happenings! So here it goes! Good news, Internet!  We are officially MOVED!  My fam came down yesterday to help me move the big stuff, and I’m nearly all settled in.  I need a […]


The First Grown-Up Apartment

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I am a very sentimental person.  I have a photo on my phone of an empty classroom at JMU.  Why?  Because I took it of my last day of college class EVER.  My last class happened to be my favorite, in a classroom that I had more classes in than any other.  So when I […]



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