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10 Things

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I always love reading these kinds of posts from other people, but until now I’ve never written one myself!  Since I’m in the “off” season (like there really is such a thing for any business owner!), I have time for more personal posts.  🙂 So, here you go!  Ten things you may or may not […]


Photo Contest: An Exercise in Finding What Makes Your Heart Happy

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If you follow photographers on social media, you know that the Shoot & Share Photo Contest is happening right now.  I didn’t submit any photos (I really wish that I had, I just could not find the time!), but I got addicted to voting reeeeaaaal quick.   I love how Shoot & Share set up the voting. […]


The Weekender

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Goooooood morning blog readersssssssss.   When I woke up this morning, I had this overwhelming feeling that I need this week to go by really fast.  I have a long to-do list this week, so I just want to plow through it so I can get to another fun weekend.  🙂 This weekend was full […]


A Personal Post

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Until I was in high school, my dad drove a minivan to work every day.  It was this odd shade of blueish green and gray, but we got it for a good price from a friend, so that’s what he drove.  He drove it until the day he pulled into our garage and it simply . . […]


What’s In My Bag

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When I was in college, I spent probably half of my downtime reading the blogs of photographers like Justin & Mary, Katelyn James and Jasmine Star.  Seriously — I never missed a post.  I thrived on the knowledge they shared on their blogs, especially their posts about the gear they use and why.  I used these […]



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