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Married! Kristin & Ryan’s Richmond VA Wedding

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Their wedding hashtag, #MadeinChina_Schultz, is the cutest thing.  Kristin & Ryan were brought together in China, where Kristin was in charge of helping those new to the missions program get acclimated.  Ryan was one of those new kids.  When Ryan’s trip to China ended, he knew he wanted to keep in contact with Kristin, and […]


The Weekender

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It’s late, but better late than never!  See, there’s this thing among wedding photographers called “the wedding hangover.”  It’s how you feel the day after a long wedding — exhausted, sore like you were struck by some sort of vehicle, dehydrated, more exhausted, etc.  It’s not caused by DRINKING at a wedding (because a professional […]


The Weekender

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The madness has officially begun!  By some strange twist of fate, ALL of the weddings I booked in 2014 happen in the Fall, and the fun kicked off this weekend with Kristin & Ryan’s wedding at The Boathouse at Sunday Park.  It was a beautiful day . . . there was sun, a little breeze […]


Book Reviews iii

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I’ve been buying books lately.  No eBooks, no library loans.  I’m talking real, tangible, use-a-bookmark, carry-it-around, underline-something-if-you-want, smells-like-a-book books, and I LOVE it.  It is a bit more expensive than buying a book for Kindle, but I like to think that I’m supporting the print industry, which, as you know, it something I believe in […]



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