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If you're looking for a wedding photographer who values prints over jpegs and moments over poses, you've come to the right place. If you're ECSTATIC to be getting married, you're also in the right place! 


My Why

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Lately I have been working on a daunting, exciting, fun, excruciating task: rebranding.  Any photographers out there know what I mean by this mix of adjectives.  Trying to assign words, colors, graphics, and a design to your photography life feels like one identity crisis after another.  I’m a quirky people person.  Just kidding, I’m actually kind […]



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The sentimental side of me just wants to note that this is my 50th blog post.  WOO!  I’m celebrating with green tea & Edward Sharpe on Spotify. Earlier this week, I took advantage of Artifact Uprising’s 10% off sale & ordered my first photo book from them!!  Since then, I’ve been checking my order status […]


A Fresh Face

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My original photography logo was created in the 24 hour computer lab at JMU the summer after I graduated. My friend and roommate was a SMAD (School of Media Arts & Design) major, and she was kind enough to spend many, many hours perfecting the loop of that “S” up there.  It had to look […]


Book Reviews II

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A wise man once said, “Who you are in your 20s is dependent on who know and the books you’ve read.” I really believe in that.  Every time I get into a really good book after a long time I remember how good it feels to get lost in great writing. Wild by Cheryl Strayed […]



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