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Big Trucks & Birthday Fun

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Snow days make me lazy.  We can blame it on the icy streets or the blizzard-like winds or the fact that it’s JUST TOO COLD to go outside, but something about the surrounding school systems shutting down makes it feel like everything should shut down.  Until you start writing out your To Do list.  And […]


Happy Birthday, Peach

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Three years ago today, my nephew, Colton, made his grand entrance into the world at about 2am while I was trying to sleep on a loveseat in the waiting room.  My dad was stoked — I remember him popping his head into the room and saying, “That baby crying is coming from your sister’s room!” […]


Moving Triumphs & Sneak Peeks

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No one told me that adult life would require so many phone calls.  It took about 3 weeks and probably over 12 hours on hold with different people and companies, but our apartment finally feels more settled.  And we’ve finally figured out when trash day is!  I’m pretty proud of what we’ve accomplished as city […]


2014 Goals . . . and Big Dreams

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I’m a big believer in putting your goals and dreams out into the universe.  For one, it makes me feel like I’m being held accountable.  That’s going to be a big help when I’m feeling like it would be ok to go on a Lost binge (hey Netflix HEY!) rather than writing 2-3 blog posts […]



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