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I’ve been going in so many directions lately.  It looks a little hectic from the outside, I’m sure, but that’s how I prefer things.  I’ve picked up a few new obsessions in the midst of all the crazy, and here they are!  I hope it inspires you to eat chocolate covered pomegranates and make Royals […]


Kasey & Timmy’s Chestnut Hill Wedding

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We were sitting around on mats before gymnastics practice officially started (it “officially started” when Coach Howes came in & told us to stop giggling and start stretching).  We were all jabbering on and on about who was dating who, who took who to Homecoming– the usual things that high school girls talk about after […]


Sneak Peek! Kasey & Timmy’s Chestnut Hill Wedding

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A Sunday Sneak Peek . . . because I can’t help myself!    


What I’ve Learned from Second Shooting . . . So Far

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Before I put on my big girl pants and bought a new car, I had an embarrassingly beat up Jetta.  It was always super reliable, but it was old.  A month or so ago, I was driving, all happiness and excitement, to assist David Abel in Richmond when I heard the unmistakable sound of metal hitting […]


Baby Bumps: Whit & Ashley’s Orange VA Maternity Session

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I feel like I have been waiting to post these for SO long!  I think it’s partly because I was so excited to share them and partly because I was beyond excited for the REASON I get to share them now: Baby Jacobs is HERE!  Ashley & Whit hadn’t told all of their friends what […]



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