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If you're looking for a wedding photographer who values prints over jpegs and moments over poses, you've come to the right place. If you're ECSTATIC to be getting married, you're also in the right place! 


Jill & Noal

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It was perhaps the greatest Best Man’s speech I have ever heard.  Noal’s little brother, Drew, talked about a conversation he and Noal had after watching The Dark Knight.  Drew admitted that he was livid, begging Noal to help him understand why on earth Bruce would keep trying for Rachel even though she didn’t want […]


Second Shooting: Zee + Dan’s Wedding

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It doesn’t seem like that long ago that we were bouncing back and forth between one another’s dorm rooms with the kind of excitement and timid familiarity that comes to people getting to know each other.  Zee, Anna, and I were beginning a crazy chapter of our lives–our first semester at JMU–on the same wing […]


Let’s Fly, Let’s Fly Away

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He said the plane was made of wood and canvas.  Wood and canvas?!  My high school friend, Bili, is known for his sense of humor, but as I touched the bright yellow wings, I realized he was not kidding.  Wood and canvas.  Two seats, simple controls with hand-written labels, and wide open on the right […]


For the Love of Film

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I am not a morning person.  Every time I plotted my class schedule at JMU, my goal was simple: no classes before 10am.  I just don’t function well before then!  But when I was lucky enough to get into my very first photography class, I didn’t even question its 8am start time.  The allure of […]


Statues, the Wobble, and Being an Alum

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My family had to pry me off of the infamous life-size statue of James Madison on my graduation day.  Well, not really, but I would hang onto that statue forever if it meant that I never had to leave JMU.  There aren’t words for how much I love this place and the people I spent […]



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